BWI Coin Facts


With the BWI coin, acquiring a lottery ticket is possible at any given time. If the BWI coin is used as a payment method, the player gets a 50 Cent discount on every purchased ticket.
If obtained during the presale, the BWI coin can act as an asset, allowing every BWI holder to get a percentage of every winning draw.


Coin symbol: BWI


Block time

60 seconds

Standard ports

mainnet: 24072 // rpcmain: 24073


PoS (Proof of Stake)

Transactions per second

173 TPS (theoretical maximum)


7 000 000 BWI

Block size

2 MB


yes, without a minimum deposit of coins

Maximum amount of coins in circulation

21 000 000 BWI (like Bitcoin)

AIRDROP – The added value for our investors!

Before lottery platform starts, we determine how many coins are in your wallet by taking stock of all wallets that participate.

We offer all early investors in our blockchain lottery a limited airdrop program. All holders of our BWI Coin benefit from this lifetime program with every payout.

We look forward to many happy Airdrop recipients until the BitWin24 Lottery starts!


Number of coins per block

The number of coins per block is dynamic and depends on the actual number of coins in circulation, as well as on the active masternodes. Prior to the generation of each block, the network is reexamined and the rewards are updated in order to reach the defined ROI (Return On Investment).

Transaction conditions

Minimal number for sending a transaction: 6 confirmations


Automatic and easy staking in your online wallet you can find after the completed registration process. Staking can be easily activated in the online dashboard.

Technical Support:

Meet us on discord